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Havana, Cuba- International Investments in Havana Cuba and Varadero have failed to encourage more international. European, Canadian and American investment because Cuba red tape and Cuban bureaucracy is crippling Cuba's economic growth and its goal of sustainable development in danger unless massive investment and legal changes are made said international Cuban investors and foreign diplomats living in Havana Cuba. CALL CUBA NOW!

The island of Cuba is trying to rebuild market-oriented reforms from an old Soviet-style system that will potentially make Cuba an investors financial paradise to more Mutual fund investors however potential investors that have already invested in Cuba and been burned in the past by Cuban investment deception, changing legal investing laws and plain outright Cuban fraud say the Cubans have not yet put out much of a welcome incentive and rules to protect foreign investment in Cuba.

Cuba's National Statistics Office said this week that international investment in Cuba, Havana and Varadero by foreign investors and Cuban investment partners was 4.3 billion pesos in 2011, just 100 million pesos increase from the previous year. Cuba investors state that this investment amount is a 20% percent increase in Gross Domestic Product, which is highest in recent years, but far less that what Cuba real estate investment needs.

Cuba's head of the University of Havana's Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy, stated that Cuba's average investment is only 13 percent far below the 25% Cuban investments in recent years, compared with an average of 23 percent in the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean.


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International Investors point that Cuba economy requires a much higher rate of foreign pension fund and mutual fund investments in hotels, homes, insurance. lawyers and companies that can go public as IPO with an Invest in Cuba focus. Every Cuban know that Cuba needs investment especially foreign investment that  could elevate Cuba out of its longstanding financial difficulties and finally put Cuba on the path to financial freedom.

International investor experience demonstrates that poor economies have achieved significant economic growth and financial improvement of their infrastructure and standard of living due to higher investment rates of more than 30 percent with significant support of direct foreign investment in Cuba.

Cuban real estate and hotel investment economy grew only 2.7 percent last year and 2.4 percent in 2010, lagging well behind the rest of the Caribbean and Mexico. As soon as the American can visit Cuba these investment opportunities will automatically rise as the huge number of U.S. tourist travel to Havana, Varadero, Trinidad and the rest of Cuba. Contact Cuba Investors

Invest in Hotels in Varadero and Havana Cuba
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