Invest in Cuba, Havana, Varadero is high risk venture


News from Cuba: Cuba Investors Beware! If you invest in Cuba and you may go to jail!

Havana- Cuba has jailed 6 of its biggest investors for alleged corruption of the Cuban economic system. Another 4 long time Cuban investors are all running scared as they have privately stated that in Cuba you can get arrested for anything because the Cuban laws are written so that everything is illegal. The main reason the Cuba government does this is with no concrete laws to protect investors they can easily accuse foreigners at any time for any crime and then proceed to confiscate the entire Cuban joint venture business with all its assets for Free.

 Experienced Cuba investors in Havana & Varadero have seen this happen time and time again. Over the years Cuba has found countless creative ways to basically steal the investments of thousands of foreigners business in Cuba with the same sad ending to every investors story. In the end the foreign investors looses every single penny to Cuba.

English: The Hotel Inglaterra in Havana, Cuba
English: The Hotel Inglaterra in Havana, Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The list of long time famous investors that have helped Cuba build its economy is long so here is a list of the top investors that after between 10 to 20 years of investing in Cuba have all been given 2 options.  Leave with nothing or get thrown in jail with nothing. Either way the end result has been tragically the same for this list of Cuba Investors:

Cuban Investor in Jail lists:

1. Amado Fahkre- British - Saratoga Hotel- Coral Capital
2. Steven Purvis - British - Coral Capital
3. Sarkis Yacoubain - Canadian - Importing Cuba
4. Cy Tokmakjian - Canadian - Importing Cars and Machinery
5. Max Marambio- Chile-  Río Zaza joint venture
6. Telecom Italia - Italy - Telephone -Internet- Communications
7. Spain Repsol Oil- Spain - Oil & Gas Exploration
8. Pizza Nova- Canada- Pizza Franchises across Cuba
9. BM Group- Israel- Various Investments in Cuba, Havana, Varadero, Trinidad, Cayo Coco

These visionary investors took huge risks and invested in Cuba back in the 1990's when Cuba desperately needed cash and now they have lost everything as Cuba begins to dissolve the partnership and confiscate all the assets of these Joint Ventures in Cuba.

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