Cuba open for Investment in Havana

 Cuba Investments

Cuba has once again opened its doors to foriegn investments due to the new vision of the younger Cuban President Raul Castro who took over command from his brother Fidel Castro just 3 years ago.

Cuba has expressed interest to allow investment in the Oil & Gas sectors in huge tracts of water off the shores of Havana and Varadero just 90 miles from Miami Florida. 

Currently publicly traded Canadian company Sheritt International  (S.TO) has invested over $500 Million in various sectors of the Cuban economy such as oil, beach hotels and tourism in Cuba.

Many foreign oil companies has been exploring offshore oil in Cuban waters but all have come up dry so far.

The current Oil and Energy solution comes to Cuba directly from Venezuela who's President, Hugo Chavez has been supporting Cuba in the same manner as Russia during the cold war years.

Cuba has been offering huge incentives to some of the worlds biggest oil companies such as Repsol from Spain, Petrobras from Brazil, OLV from India, Petronas from Malaysia and Norsk-Hydro from Norway.

Most of the oil drilling has been done by Oil drilling rigs imported and financed from China using non-American technology.

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  1. INVEST IN CUBA it's a great idea. Cuba is good for holiday and after reading your blog I think Cuba is also good for business.